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OIED Native Language Speaker Panel – Series 1

November 7 @ 2:00 pm CST

Nov 7, 2023 at 3:00 pm Eastern

In Panel Series #1, “Preserving Our Roots: The Urgency of Native Languages,” the focus is on raising awareness and creating a sense of urgency regarding the state of Native languages. Panelists will discuss how they recognized the imperative for language revitalization and immersion, elaborating on their motivations for taking action. They will also share strategies and initiatives they have implemented to address this need.

The schedule for the second and third Native Languages Panel Series is forthcoming. Panel Series #2 , “Teaching our Heritage: Methods for Native Language Revitalization,” will delve into effective language teaching strategies, providing a practical “how-to” guide for teaching Native languages. Panel Series #3, “Empowering Generations: Building Successful Language Programs,” will concentrate on the development and management of successful language programs, offering insights into the journey by discussing successes, pitfalls, and obstacles encountered.

Presented by the Office of Indian Economic Development (OIED), Division of Economic Development (DED) in partnership with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Education.